In the studio, Systems Two in Brooklyn recording my next album with Terreon Gully – drums, (on the picture), Christians Sands – piano, and Burniss Earl Travis – bassGetAttachment-1.aspx


IMG_2076Hanging out at Smalls in New York :-)

Kid Creole and the Coconuts

It was AMAZING to be a part of Kid Creole and the Coconuts show in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. Next show is in Paris!

Malene Mortensen
Hi everybody, If you havent listened to our new EP, please check it out below. It has been a great experience to make these songs and I hope you will enjoy it. Very convenient to have this amazing musician/producer/programmer right next to you and so nice and relaxing to be able to sing in your own home. Please share with your friends. Have a wonderful day

or here:

or stream it here:

Malene Mortensen/Carl Mörner RIngström “Addictive”

— with Carl Mörner Ringström.

Herm TheatrGoing to Saint Petersburg, Russia, tonight. Going to be very exciting

More photos from Emilia Therese,

Malene Mortensennew portrait photos taken by Emilia Therese,


This is my latest creation. Check out my shop and see the different wrist warmers :-)

Fingerless glove - PearlsHi everybody, I just made these along with other fingerless gloves. I will sell them directly from my website in a little while.


My wonderful friend, Louise Kirk,, are extremely creative and talented. Here I am “wearing” on of her bags, that she has made. Check out her web page and her facebook profile :-)