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Malene Mortensen born 23th May 1982 Malene Mortensen is a Danish jazz singer with eleven albums out. Malene has recorded with some of the biggest names in modern jazz: Chris Potter, Mike Stern, Christian Sands, George Whitty and Niels Henning-Orsted Pedersen.

Malene is the incarnation of what the spirits of jazz are: pursuing freedom, improvisation, cultivating an exquisite taste with a sensibility that goes deep down into gospel, soul and R&B to find and reveal new treasures. Above all this, naturally, stands her voice: warm, rich in color and expression, a voice guided by a sense of rhythm and technical mastership going from moaning, caressing, soaring, roaring, culminating with an ability to scat that leaves you speechless.

Malene holds a Master’s Degree from The Royal Danish Jazz (rhythmic) Conservatory.

Malene Mortensen live

Malene has performed more than 1500 concerts around the World. Touring, in her own name, in countries like: USA, Australia, France, England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Thailand, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium.

Malene has been a part of the famous Kid Creole and the Coconut’s band. Travelling to Australia, Italy, Belgium, England, Spain. In the band she is the background singer, and in the middle of the show, she has two solo songs with the band.

Malene also performs solo at elderly homes, doing singalong with the residents, as well as performing at companies, privat parties, small venues etc.


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Ten of Malene’s albums are available on Spotify

At elske er at leve (2019)
Ole Kock Hansen, songs by Kai Normann Andersen Malene Mortensen, vocal. Ole Kock Hansen, piano. Anders Fjeldsted, bass. Andreas Svendsen, drums.
Man blir så glad når solen skinner / At elske er at leve / Jeg har elsket dig så længe kan mindes / Pige træd varsomt / I dit korte liv / Gå med i lunden / Man binder os på mund og hånd / Alle går rundt og forelsker sig / Som du / Glemmer du / Titte til hinanden / Den allersidste dans / Musens sang.
Malene Mortensen, At elske er at leve, Sådan’sk/Sundance Music.

You Belong To Me (2016)
Released in Thailand by Hitman Jazz. This Album contains standards of all time hits, all the songs are smooth urban jazz with links back to Wes Montgomery and George Benson.

Can't Help It (2014)
is Malene’s tenth album, Stunt Records, and the first to be recorded outside of Scandinavia.
Recorded in New York in March with an elite American trio, the album started at a jam session at the Montmartre jazz club in Copenhagen in the summer of 2013, when Malene found herself on stage with the young American pianist Christian Sands. The two of them found common ground in his virtuosity and swinging approach and her voice, musicality and huge improvisational abilities. Later that year Malene visited New York to co-write with the piano star in Christian McBride’s famous trio. Tunes flowed, lyrics materialized, and they continued communicating across the Atlantic on choices of standards and arrangements for the young extremely talented boys from sweden. Carl Mörner Ringström (g), Petter Eldh (b), Magnus Hjorth (p) and Snorre Kirk (d).

Malene Live in Paris, Chante Noël (2008)
a double CD containing the live performance from Al Hambre in Paris with her quintet plus a string quartet in 2008, plus the Christmas album “To All Of You” with a duo version of “Petit Papa Noël” with Malene Mortensen on vocal and Carl Mörner Ringström on guitar.

To all of You (2007)
Malenes Christmas Album. The album contains some of the good old classic Christmas songs like; Last Christmas, Warm December, Silnet Night, Santa Claus and many others.

Malene (2006)
Malene wrote some personal songs as well as adding some cover songs. Jhon Mayers irresistible ”City Love”, Brandford Marsalis jazz classic ”Another Day” and the famous ”Desperado” by The Eagles. Producer Chris Minh Doky, musicians: Chris Potter, Mike Stern, Adam Rogers, Kasper Villaume, Jacob Christoffersen, Rasmus Khielberg.

Date With A Dream (2005)
Malenes second soloalbum, is also a jazzalbum. With Kasper Villaume (p) and Morten Lund (d), the level once again is high Danish jazz top élite, here with a lower average age than concerning "Paradise", and once again with a famous bassist: the Israel/American Avishai Cohen, especially known from Chick Corea's "New Trio”.

Date With A Dream
was distributed to 20 countries and with 30 000 sold albums Malene reached her international breakthrough.

RLQ featuring Malene Mortensen (2005)
Raasted Lund Quartet’s debut album with all original jazz compositions.
Malene contributed with both lyrics and songs. The Quartet has a unique sound which moves in the borderland between fusion and jazz, with a very melodic touch.

Paradise (2003)
Malene's debut solo album was recorded and produced with some of Denmark's finest musicians, Niels Lan Doky (producer and piano), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b) and Alex Riel (d).

Other activities In September 2011 Malene was appointed as testimonial for Giro D’Italia. That year the routes started in Denmark and with the song “Beautiful Italy” she was front figure at major events during Giro D’Italia Malene represented Denmark at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. Since the song contests in the winter 2002-03 Malene has contributed to quite a few album-releases, starting with the actual competitors and subsequently compilations.


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