Foto: Elona Sjøgren

Malene Mortensen is a danish jazz singer who has recorded 11 albums with some of the biggest names in modern jazz like Chris Potter, Mike Stern, Christian Sands, George Whitty og Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen.


The album ”Paradise” from 2003 is Malenes first solo album recorded and produced with the world renowned bassist Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen.

She has played more than a thousand concerts all around the world during the last 15 years. She has toured all over Scandinavia, Europe, the States, Australia and Asia.

In the last few years she has been a part of Kid Creole and the Coconut’s and toured with them in Australia, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. In her homeland she plays concerts in churches and performs as a solo singer in big bands.

Her album “Date With A Dream” from 2005 was released in 20 countries and has sold more than 30.000 units. This album became Malene’s international breakthrough after having represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002.


The 2014 album ”Can't Help It” is Malene's 10th album and the first to be recorded outside Scandinavia. It was recorded in New York in march of 2014 with a renowned american jazz trio.

The album grew out of a jamsession at the famous danish jazz club Montmartre in Copenhagen where Malene played with the young american pianist Christian Sands. The two of them had a special connection combining his virtuous playing and her great musicality and ability to improvise.

Later the same year Malene visited New York to work on new material with Christian Sands playing with Christian McBride’s famous trio. The work with music and lyrics progressed and they continued the work on both sides of the Atlantic for choosing the right material and arrangements for the recording sessions.


Malene is the embodiment of jazz and the the nordic sound. She strives for musical freedom, excels in improvising and refines the music with excellent taste and emotional depth.

She holds a masters degree from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.